Easy-to-Follow Roof Maintenance Tips & Hints


The very best roof in the world won’t last too long if it is neglected, especially in areas of high winds and inclement weather. If you’re a homeowner and don’t want to be consistently replacing parts of your shingle roof, you need to use preventative maintenance here and there to keep it in good condition. Otherwise, you could be asking for holes, leaks, and other small problems that can become big issues.

Review this list of some basic roof maintenance tips that every homeowner should know:

  • Necessary checkups: Reasonably, you won’t need to climb up a ladder and inspect your roof that often. Many homeowners plan to look for damage and problems in the fall before winter sets in, and in the spring after winter is gone. You should also do any impromptu checks after a significant rain or windstorm rolls through the area. Remember: try to avoid walking directly on your roof, as the weight of the average adult can damage the material.
  • Gutter cleaning: In the autumn, you are going to need to clean your gutters at least once. The more trees near your home, the more gutter cleaning sessions you are going to need. It might seem tedious but it is crucial, for a blocked gutter can cause water buildup that leaks into your home.
  • Tree trimming: While on the topic of trees on your property, don’t let any large branches and limbs hang over your home, especially near windows. Cut them short as often as necessary so they don’t fall onto the roof and make a hole, or scrape tiles off with each breeze.
  • Insecticide: Birds and squirrels can be pretty annoying if they try to house themselves in your attic, but the worst damage often comes from critters much smaller in scale. Look carefully for any indications that insects are making nests around or in your property. Do not attempt to remove a nest that could have dangerous insects, like wasps or hornets, inside without the assistance of a professional.
  • Water stains: Take a walk around the inside of your property as well and look for brown water stains on the ceiling and the tops of walls. If you have an attic, you need to go there with a flashlight. Finding a water stain almost-guarantees that there is a hole or defect somewhere in the roof nearby.

As important as it is to inspect and maintain your roof, you might just not have the time, energy, or interest to get it done properly. If you live in New Jersey and need a professional to help you with roof inspections, maintenance, repairs, or replacements, look no further than Joe the Roofer in Freehold. We are proud of the reputation we have built with our satisfied customers, and we would love to see how we can assist you.

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