6 Signs Your Roof Needs to Be Repaired

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If you live in Freehold or the surrounding area, you’ve probably seen the crew at Total Home Maintenance on top of somebody’s house. We service all types of roofs for all types of reasons. A lot of what we do ranges from roof construction to roof replacement. But for many of you simple repairs are all your home needs. If you’ve ever wondered if your roof needs repairs, here are some sure signs that repair or even replacement is imminent and needs to happen right away in order to preserve the integrity and longevity of your home.

  • Roof Valleys – Valleys are common seams along you home where two parts of the roof meet and the rain pours down into your gutters. If drainage is impaired or there is a complete buildup of debris, then water cannot drain. Poor drainage causes puddles to form which inevitably will lead to leads, mold & algae, and frame deterioration.
  • Age of your roof – The typical roof has a lifespan of 20 to 25 years. It is quite possible for the roofs to last much longer, but after 3 decades, your roof will begin to break down in a number of ways – Namely, all the items on this list. An old roof will have a negative impact on the connecting frame supporting it.
  • Sunlight in your attic – Climb up into your attic on a bright sunny day and turn out all the lights. If you are able to walk around then thoroughly search your attic for any sunlight which may be penetrating through. Do not scale the amount of light coming through. If there is ANY light penetrating your roof, then there’s trouble. If light can seep through your roof, then so can water. A single leak can do more than damage your roof. It can potentially damage your home all the way to the bottom floor including the walls.
  • Missing shingles – shingles can go missing from time to time with a roof from storms and high winds. Typically these can be replaced. However, if shingles have been missing for long periods of time, portions of the roof may need to be taken apart and replaced.
  • Missing granules – Go outside and observe the drainage area of your gutters after a good rain. You may see a small pile of black granules. Large amounts of granule drainage means that your shingle are worn down and aging. Missing granules is one of the first signs your roof is in need of some repair.
  • Buckling Shingles – Buckling shingles are generally more noticeable on the sunny side of your roof. They are caused by a combination of extreme temperatures and moisture from rain and snow. Buckling shingles do not offer proper roof protection and expose the wood portion of your roof to the elements, primarily rain.

Delaying any of these common roof concerns, which will not go away, will only worsen your roof’s condition and accelerate its deterioration, weakening your home’s frame in the process. Remember, water damage is long-lasting and is dangerous to the stability of your house. It can also damage the items inside of your home. When high winds and severe storms occur in Freehold, you want a roof you can depend on.