Siding In Freehold

durable exterior

When it comes to figuring out how to make your exterior more durable, there are lots of options. Some homeowners go with exterior paint and others go with siding. There are qualities to both of these as exterior paint offers an attractive way to remodel your exterior and will seal it off from the elements that combat against it. Now, covering the home with vinyl for example will cause the home to be insulated and protected from bad weather. Heavy winds and rain are not uncommon in New Jersey as you need to prepare for it.


One of the toughest decisions that you’re going to have to make as a homeowner is the type of exterior covering to install on the home. There are so many different types out there that the process of picking out the best one can give you a headache.

  • VinylThere are lots of advantages to vinyl. Vinyl is a sought after material as it is very durable and cheap. If you’re a homeowner that’s looking for way to save money but wanting a new look for the exterior, vinyl is the best choice.
  • Wood – One of the prettiest types of exterior coverings for residential dwellings in Freehold is wood. There is nothing like the look of real wood and the authenticity of it. Of course with wood, there are so many choices but one of the most popular types is cedar.
  • Aluminum – When it comes to adding more value to the home, aluminum is a good choice for upping the value. Aluminum is a type of exterior covering that is low cost, durable and customizable. Aluminum can be bought for 50-75% less than other types of coverings.

Benefits Over Paint

When it comes to exterior paint, there is a lot of maintenance that will have to go keeping up with it. Paint fades over time and also flakes. You’ll need to touch up the home every 5-10 years depending on the amount of maintenance that you plan on putting into it.

Exterior coverings such as vinyl or wood do not require much maintenance. Vinyl can be washed off using hot water and soap. Wood can be hosed down as well. Exterior coverings also provide better insulating values for the home.

Lower Energy Bills

The cost to heat a home has risen in recent years. It now cost as much to heat a home as rent or a car payment in some cases. With siding, you can lower your energy bills as it will seal off drafts and other problems that inclement cause.